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About a girl - I introduce myself ! #English# [NEEDS UPDATE]

Publié par Emmanuelle

Hi !

In the very first article that I've posted, I introduced myself very briefly. And because it's always better to know a little the person who's writing for you, here's a more detailed presentation !

First of all, my name's Emmanuelle. I'm 14, and I'm French - I live in France too.

Hum, what could I say ? Well, so I'll talk about my personality, that's it ^w^

In real life, when I don't really know the one to whom I talk, I'm rather shy and my parents even all my family say that I always speak too low T_T But it was mostly before, I was totally antisocial ! It's improved. I'm less shy, but I still like loneliness and silence (not the permanent loneliness either).

When I'm at ease, I'm not the same ! I love laughing, having fun and acting like an idiot. I have an open humor, especially pervert or totally rotten. I have absolutely weird delusions with my friends ! I can laugh about everything, almost, I think ^o^

Otherwise, I can be serious when it's necessary.

I'm easily stressed, just one thing like "I have to tell you something", and I'm almost panicked, and my sweat glands start up actively ! (I'm trying to say that in a less yucky way by using words rather elegant, but... okay, shh.) And I always think of the worst scenario ! ;_;

Before, I was really touchy and I paid much attention on other people's opinions, but I changed and I care less about it now ! Which is, I have to admit it, really good.

I'm very dreamy and quite creative I guess (when I was in fifth grade, I wrote a story about a woman who gave birth to an alien - who glided like a flying squirrel - because a mad scientist had made her drink a special potion being been thought of as her doctor thanks to a home-made mask... and the midwife warned the whole city with a megaphone that the alien was going to call some reinforcement to invade the city. Anyway.).

I'm easily amazed and moved (especially when I read or watch a movie) !

I love reading, writing, drawing and listening to music (among others). I'd also like very much playing the electric guitar ; I've tried to start playing acoustic guitar, but the guitar strings didn't make a good sound anymore. So I'm so happy because I just got back my dad's electric guitar, now all I need is to have the amp repaired ! *^* (update : now I actually need to be motivated to learn...)

About the reading, I like funny books, romantic ones, which take place in common life (especially in high school environment, you see), or mystery and fantastic novels, etc... I'd say that my favorite books (all in french) are the Harry Potter saga (I started to read them at 9 years old, that's how long this love story is !), the Evernight saga by Claudia Gray (fantastic books), The Lying Game by Sara Shepard (I've only read the first one yet, but I absolutely loved it !), the Mediator saga by Meg Cabot (an autor whom I greatly admire ! It's about a girl who is able to see ghosts) and Ma vie selon moi saga by Sylvaine Jaoui (it's very fresh, funny, that's read really easily and quickly ! But I don't think it exists in english).

I also like very much mangas, especially shojo, except Dragon Ball which I love since I was a little kid. I haven't read lot of mangas but my favorite are L-DK and Lovely Everywhere. I found a french site to read a lot of mangas (L-DK and Lovely Everywhere are there), if you're interested, it's lecture-en-ligne.com ! Or there's the classic mangafox in English.

I don't watch a lot of TV series, my favorite are Pretty Little Liars and True Blood. My favortie movies are Star Wars, Harry Potter, and... I think that's all ô_o

I love video games like Pokemon (my favorite game *^*), The Sims, etc...

As you know, my favorite band is Nirvana. Before, I listened to a lot of music like Rihanna, Britney Spears etc., but I'm interested more in rock music now. I'm not an expert on the subject but I know a little rock and metal because my parents (especially my father) listen to this type of music. I have to tell that I don't really listen other rock music than Nirvana and the music which pass at home. I wrote a list of rock musicians (most of them is bands) and I want to listen to em but I always forget or I'm jst too lazy T-T

What else could I say ? Oh, yes. I love Nutella, chocolate, in fact almost all which is sweet ! I'm less fan of salty food, but I still like eating (okay, I don't always have easy tastes >.>)

I like the nail-art, but often when I try something, it fails ! So my mother don't want me to do her nails anymore XD

I hate the superficial floozies, scum, those who allow themselves to judge and feel superior, the close-minded people. I don't like when people take themselves too seriously or totally the opposite ! There's a middle ground. I hate so-called dredger (even if nobody ever drag me XD), aggressive people...

Okay, I think that's all for my presentation, and this post is already really long ^_^' Sorry, and bravo if you read this all ! You understand why I wrote the french presentation in another post ^^

Well, have a good day/evening ! Unicorn's kisses ! (I forgot to specify that I love unicorns, moreover mine is hungry :-/)


EDIT : I found a most evolved form than the unicorns : the Unipotatorns o^o As a bonus, here is a photo of one of them, so cute and funny ! :3 (the first (and the second) time I saw it, I cracked up XD)

Unipotatorn - the fusion between a unicorn and a potatoe XD

Unipotatorn - the fusion between a unicorn and a potatoe XD